The Breast Actives Cream- A Topical Treatment that Enlarge your Breast


breast actives creamThe breast actives cream makes possible for women to get the most sexier breasts, they are now able to feel complete again after increasing their bust sizes in just weeks………..

We all have different  reasons for wanting large breast pairs.  Maybe it’s a key to your confidence or you want to grab the attention of more guys.  Maybe you want, people stop teasing you about your molehills type of breast.  And, you crave to fit your clothes by giving a curvy look. Whatever the reason, if you’re exhausted or you’re “not feeling like as much of a woman”. Then Breast Actives treatment is made for you.

What is Breast Actives Cream?

Breast actives cream is the part of 3 in 1 breast actives treatment. This cream contains a proprietary blend of Mastogenic herbs (natural herbs that naturally increase the size of breasts) and exotic natural plant extracts that have been clinically proven to enhance the breast size by stimulating new cell development in the breast tissue (mammary glands).

Breast Actives Cream Ingredients and How They Work to Increase the Breast Size?

breast actives cream

Active ingredients:

Pueraria Mirifica Extract (10%):

Pueraria Mirifica or White Kwao Kura is one of the most effective herbs for breast growth process. This herb act as a miracle herb that contains high properties of estrogen (estrogen is a primarily female sex hormone which is responsible for the regulation and development of the female reproductive organs). Breast actives cream uses Pueraria Mirifica in their formula in order to increase the breast growth.

Red Clover Extract (5%):

Red Clover Extract helps women to increase their cup size quickly as well as enhance their firmness. The natural power of this herb helps them by given that their bodies with all the anti- inflammatory composites and antioxidants to ensure good health.

Inactive ingredients:

Fenugreek Extract:

Fenugreek extracts have a long history as a breast enhancer and contain a Diosgenin that is used to make copies estrogen hormones. It has been found to push the growth of new breast cells as well as boost up the size and fullness of the breasts.

Saw Palmetto Extracts:

Saw palmetto is clinically proven by the doctors to improve the size of women’s breasts. It is also popular as a great aphrodisiac, which is used as a cure for powerlessness and boost sexual activity for women.

Aloe Vera Extracts:

This ingredient works as a great moisturizer in breast actives cream, it can help to prevent dryness of your breast skin.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter doesn’t contain a substantial breast growth feature, but it can help your skin texture to look healthier.

Other Ingredients: 

Borage Oil, Sepiliftiii Sodium Hyaluronate Acid Lanolin, Montanov, Lecithin, Wild Yam Extract, Sepigel, Butea Supera Extract, Damiana Extract Retinol-A, Vitamin E & Germall and Avena Sativa Extracts.

How to Apply Breast Actives Cream?

Application of Breast Actives Cream is very simple, you just perform the massages around your entire breast about 2 to 5 minutes (or more time if you can). The message of this cream helps to stimulate the hormone acceleration in your breasts and stop the growth of bad toxins inside your breast tissues and lymph. Mostly women perform about 250 to 300 rotation sets, that would take around 5 to 6 minutes. The ideal time of each session is 5 to 10 minutes.

breast actives cream

Here are some important measures, that you should use while performing breast actives cream massage……

  • When you apply breast actives cream, don’t use too much pressure on your breast
  • Use the palms of your hands or the flat area of your fingertips in order to push breast growth and flush out waste toxins from the breast area using lymphatic system.
  • You can also massage the below area of the underarm in order to promote blood circulation
  • Always perform massage inward motions
  • Perform breast actives cream massage 2 times in a day
  • You should use breast actives cream at night right before you go to sleep, it will help your hormones to grow even faster because hormones are very active, while you sleep.
  • Don’t massage on your nipples.
  • Don’t wear bras after taking massage or even as you’re sleeping. If you use push up bra must have to remove it’s metal wiring, as they can block blood circulation and damage the tissues in your breasts.

Bottom Line:

breast actives cream

Apart from breast enlargement process breast actives cream, all natural ingredients contain a rich, healthy properties that don’t leave any harmful effect on your breasts. All ingredients of this product help to stimulates the natural estrogen hormone activity in your body that put in size and turning your molehills into your mole mountains.

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